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Junos Intermediate Routing (JIR)


JIR Junos Intermediate Routing (JIR)

This two-day course provides students with intermediate routing knowledge and configuration examples. The course includes an overview of protocol-independent routing features, load balancing and filter-based forwarding, OSPF, BGP, IP tunneling, and high availability (HA) features. Trough demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience in configuring and monitoring the Junos OS and monitoring device operations.

2 days

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

· Describe typical uses of static, aggregate, and generated routes.
· Configure and monitor static, aggregate, and generated routes.
· Explain the purpose of Martian routes and add new entries to the default list.
· Describe typical uses of routing instances.
· Configure and share routes between routing instances.
· Describe load-balancing concepts and operations.
· Implement and monitor Layer 3 load balancing.
· Illustrate benefits of filter-based forwarding.
· Configure and monitor filter-based forwarding.
· Explain the operations of OSPF.
· Describe the role of the designated router.
· List and describe OSPF area types.
· Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot OSPF.
· Describe BGP and its basic operations.
· Name and describe common BGP attributes.
· List the steps in the BGP route selection algorithm.
· Describe BGP peering options and the default route advertisement rules.
· Configure and monitor BGP.
· Describe IP tunneling concepts and applications.
· Explain the basic operations of generic routing encapsulation (GRE) and IP over IP (IP-IP) tunnels.
· Configure and monitor GRE and IP-IP tunnels.
· Describe various high availability features supported by the Junos OS.
· Configure and monitor some of the highlighted high availability features.