Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certificering en Training

"The new MOS exams have been designed to test a candidate's ability to use an Office application in a way that's more closely aligned with how they would use it every day" according to Sinad Hogan of Certiport.

Er zijn op dit moment 5 MOS Office 2016 certificeringen.
Examens kunt u afleggen via Certiport. Ga naar de Certiport Website om uw examen te boeken.

MOS Certificering badge

Office 2016 - Specialist

Microsoft Office Word 2016 Core725
Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Core727
  • O2016PP, Microsoft Office 2016 Powerpoint
  • O2016OB, Microsoft Office 2016 Outlook
  • OX2016AB, Microsoft Office 2016 Access

Office 2013 - Expert

Microsoft Office Word 2013425 en 426
Microsoft Office Excel 2013427 en 428

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